Open Speech Recording

I'm disabling this until I can move it to a better top-level domain than, since after discussion I don't want to encourage people to trust a generic site with their voice data. I hope to get this back up soon at a better URL!
There are very few open source collections of speech data where individual words are spoken by a large number of different people. This makes it tough to build good open source examples of detecting spoken keywords such as "Yes", "No", "On", or "Off".
To fill this gap, the AIY team is hoping to gather single spoken words from several hundred people and then release the resulting data set under an open license, together with an example of how to use it to create simple speech command classifiers.
To make sure that we're able to share your data as part of a public data set with no privacy or other concerns, we need to get your agreement formally. If you would like to participate in providing some samples, please review and confirm your agreement to the following:
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